George Muller’s Prayer Life Story

George Muller (1805-1898) was a prominent pastor during his time. But when he was still young, he was always in trouble. One time, his father, Johann Muller caught him getting some of his money. Johann saw that George kept it in his socks. Moreover, this young Muller usually spends his holidays in the jail. He was even captured after climbing out of the window of a hotel because he did not pay his bill. Still, his gracious father bailed him out with the condition that he will be studying theology at the University of Halle.

At first, Muller was hesitant, but he realized that he could lure these gullible church attendees and tricked them to give some of the money of the church to him. It was quite a good plan. At the university, he was the top-notch of his class even when he parties so hard and gambles a lot in a bar nearby his university. He even tricked all his classmates to contribute money for a project. But when he entered his room, he hid most of the money and threw away some out of the window and break the glass. He told his classmates that he was just out for a moment and when he returned to his room the money was already gone. He was a good actor that all of them believed him and gave some of money to replace those that he lost.

Providentially, his life changed when he was invited to attend a bible study in a certain house mile away from the university. There he met Ermegarde, a woman who became the reason why he keeps on attending the bible study. He was also mesmerized to the pastor who led the bible study. Muller was amazed on how the pastor prays. It seems like the pastor knows who he was talking to and has an intimate relationship with God. Before the week ends, George Muller was kneeling beside his bed, praying to make him become a true Christian.

After attending several bible studies and reading the Bible. He decided that he would become a missionary. He then shared this decision to his special someone, Emergarde. But she was disappointed and refused to be with him anymore if he still decides to become a missionary. Muller was so sure that he was willing to drop his divinity degree at the University of Halle in which his father is the one who supports him financially.

After sharing his decision with his father too, Johann was disappointed; cut his support and told him to go away. (Note: It is understood that during this time, the Lutheran church was part of the government, thus receiving a big allowance from the state.) His father wants him to become a Lutheran pastor to be financially secured.

He returned to his university and decided to continue but this time he needs to worry about his finances. By grace, Muller realized the necessity to pray. He thought it was childish for a divinity student to pray but he was so desperate. He knelt down and prayed. “Dear God, you know the situation I’m in, and You know what I need. I ask you to provide for me.” He then stood up and felt an ease in his heart.

After an hour, someone knocked on his door. It was his professor. He was introduced to a new English professor. Muller was tasked to tutor him in German language. Tutoring was a job that has eight times higher than a minimum wage. Furthermore, he was also told that there is an orphanage across that has a special room dedicated for a divinity student that is available and free of charge. Indeed, God answered Muller’s prayer. These were amazing experiences for George, he was full of awe.

After graduating, he pastored a church at Ebenezer Chapel in Teignmouth. There he met Mary Groves and got married to her. Mary has the same faith and passion as Muller. He even asked Mary to sell all their expensive furniture, stuff, and other unnecessary things for the purposes of charity and missions. Mary followed and did even she was somehow upset. Adding to that decision, Muller gave up his salary. The couple depended on prayer alone. Through loving kindness and grace, God had provided everything for them–their food and their rent. He has a wife now that stood beside him and expecting their first child.

God had a bigger plan for the Mullers. George realized that his mission was actually in his place where he stays. He said, “God has given me a mission field right here, and I will and die in it.” He then started a breakfast club; they gave free breakfast and shared Bible stories with street children. This club started when he met Emily, a young girl who begged for food because she has nothing, not even a home. Mary was hesitant at first since they also barely eat breakfast most of the time. But George uttered, “If God is in this, He will supply.”

They then established an organization that caters for the street children and giving away Bibles for the poor. But after two months there was no progress, he started praying specifically. “God, I believe You gave me the idea to start this. Please send me twenty two pounds to buy Bibles to give away, Amen.” That evening someone knocked on their door and a woman gave an envelope to him and told him to use this for anything he needed. He ask the woman, what would you like me to use this for? She said, “buy Bibles for the poor if you don’t need it urgently.” He was surprised and called Mary. Without seeing it first, he asked Mary to check the amount of the money. Providentially, Muller knew by faith that it was twenty-two pounds; indeed, it was the exact amount.

His ministry grew. Muller started an orphanage in Bristol. Most of the staff were volunteers out of prayer too. But when he was still starting, he had everything ready: staff, equipment, beds, and furniture. Sadly, on the first day no one came. Muller was disappointed. But Mary pointed out that they prayed for all the things they need but never prayed for an orphan to inquire and be admitted to the orphanage, Muller laughed so hard and realized he needs to pray. Prayerfully, his orphanage grew and was able to put up four buildings at the Ashley Down.

One day, Abigail, daughter of Muller’s friend approached him in the garden. With a confused thought, she saw the dining area of hundreds of orphans that were already prepared but there were neither food nor drink. Muller told Abigail to observe how God supplies their needs. Altogether they prayed, “God, we thank you for what you are going to give us to eat.

Eagerly waiting, after a couple of minutes someone knocked on the door. It was the baker across the neighborhood. The baker gave them three trays of bread because he felt he needed to give it to them; he even woke up early morning around 2am just to bake for them. Moreover, another person knocks; it was the milkman. His cart was broken and needed to lighten up his cart for him to repair it. He gave them ten full cans of milk. To this event, Abigail was in awe. They were all able to eat joyfully.

Truly, God blessed George and his family. Even to this date, Muller’s institution is open; dedicated to proclaiming the Word of God and bless the poor. Back then, he was invited around the world to testify God’s faithfulness to him. He even influenced Hudson Taylor who later became a prominent missionary in China.

What are your thoughts about this story? Why not start with a prayer? Do not for a later time; pause for a moment and pray your heart to God now.


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  1. So blessed to know the life story of George Muller until his conversion and commitment in serving God. When He called & use you in a particular ministry, He will supply all your needs! 🙏🏽
    So as a child of God, let us continue to aspire to inspire before we expire all for the glory of God 🙌🏻☝️

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