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Recent Posts:

Fear x Obedience

The Qoheleth (teacher or preacher) of the book of Ecclesiastes concluded his wise sayings with these words: “Fear God and keep his commandments, for this is the duty of all mankind” (12:13). This “fear” in the Bible is seldomly equated to the love of God (read Psalm 145:19-20; Deut 6:1-5). Thus, “True fear of GodContinue reading “Fear x Obedience”

Jesus, the Blessed Hope

Why do Christians suffer? Making this question more personal, why do we experience suffering? This essay does not try to explain theodicy but will encourage the readers to yearn for the blessed hope. In fact, we are saved “in hope” (Rom 8:24). The problem for many Christians is that, in their midst of trials andContinue reading “Jesus, the Blessed Hope”

Virtual Preaching: A Digital Theology

When the world experienced the COVID-19 pandemic, the church transitioned immediately to digital networks, virtual spaces, and hybrid or phygital (Physical + Digital) experience. Most of the churches accepted and practiced Facebook Live, YouTube streaming, and Zoom meetings as an alternative for meeting regularly especially for preaching purposes. This article explores the history of virtualContinue reading “Virtual Preaching: A Digital Theology”

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“It is good to read the lives of holy men;
and the more holy they have been the better….
Read the lives of good men—the lives of such
men as God has distinguished for gifts,
and graces, and usefulness.”

— Andrew Fuller (1754-1815)

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