This page started through the sponsorship of the Pildera 2 Southern Baptist Church Young Professionals Ministry in 2020. Today, this site continues to offer various theological articles, academic blogs, book reviews, sermons, bible study lessons, and more.


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Rev. Dr. Henry P. Silbor, a Great Commission Pastor

HENRY PALMEJAR SILBOR (1938-2010) was known as “a man of God worth emulating” pastor by his contemporaries and students. Silbor’s prominence was captivating throughout the archipelago of the Philippines: Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao. Silbor’s life is an exemplary depiction of a Filipino Southern Baptist pastor, hence a good source of what it was, or howContinue reading “Rev. Dr. Henry P. Silbor, a Great Commission Pastor”


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Virtual Preaching: A Digital Theology

When the world experienced the COVID-19 pandemic, the church transitioned immediately to digital networks, virtual spaces, and hybrid or phygital (Physical + Digital) experience. Most of the churches accepted and practiced Facebook Live, YouTube streaming, and Zoom meetings as an alternative for meeting regularly especially for preaching purposes. This article explores the history of virtualContinue reading “Virtual Preaching: A Digital Theology”

“It is good to read the lives of holy men; and the more holy they have been the better… Read the lives of good men—the lives of such men as God has distinguished for gifts, and graces, and usefulness.”

— Andrew Fuller (1754-1815)

Church Producing Churches

During the Apostolic days, New Testament churches result either in producing another church or supporting missionaries to plant another church. This principle was evident in apostle Paul’s missionary journeys. Paul instructed Titus to remind the Cretan churches to support their Gospel-proclaimers (missionaries) and make sure that they lack nothing (3:12-15). Biblically, a church planter oughtContinue reading “Church Producing Churches”

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