10 Principles of Giving as an Act of Worship

Why is giving an act of worship? First, it is stated in the Scriptures that the early church practiced generous giving—giving with a cheerful heart (Acts 4:32-37; 2 Cor. 9:7). Second, in giving, we are recognizing God as the ultimate giver of life, providence, redemption, and forgiveness (James 1:17). Also, we are conforming to Christ’sContinue reading “10 Principles of Giving as an Act of Worship”

Baptism: Meaning, Mode, and Manner

Download the full sermon manuscript on Union Community Bible Church Website On March 28, 2021, I preached a sermon on the topic of Baptism. Specifically, this topic is aligned to our sermon series, Defined: Understanding our Identity. In the previous sermons, we tackled about the Christian identity as an image of God, marred by Sin,Continue reading “Baptism: Meaning, Mode, and Manner”

A Sermon on the Lord’s Prayer

Matthew 6:9-13; Luke 11:2-4Ptr. JP Arceno Sermon Notes: When we pray “the Lord’s Prayer” we participate in the gospel narrative. Praying in private: Thomas Manton said, “As Christ’s word is our rule, so his practice is our copy. This is the true religion, to imitate him whom we worship.”  Christ prayed alone (Mk. 1:35; Mt.Continue reading “A Sermon on the Lord’s Prayer”

Henry Silbor: “Beyond Death”

The reality of death encounters a person commonly when someone experiences losing a loved one. Is there an afterlife? What is next after death? For a child who lost his mother, “Will I ever see my mother again?”[1] Indeed, as human beings, we grieve. But “men of faith” believe that this is not the endContinue reading “Henry Silbor: “Beyond Death””


For more Sermon Manuscripts visit UCBC Website, for live video records, UCBC Facebook. Bible Church International (July 26, 2020) in New Jersey Union Community Bible Church (January 3, 2021), NJ Union Community Bible Church (November 8, 2020) in NJ Pildera 2 SBC, Pasay and Faith in Christ Fellowship, Baguio (April 11, 2020) in the PhilippinesContinue reading “Sermons”

Ephesians Book Study

This bible study is a reading of Paul’s epistle for the churches in Ephesus in a descriptive and reflective approach. In some sense, a partial thematic approach will be presented depending on its essence in the passage. I was thinking about church young professionals, youth, and young adults as my audience. Please read the passageContinue reading “Ephesians Book Study”