The Everlasting Word of God

French Enlightenment philosopher François-Marie Arouet, famously known as Voltaire (1694-1778) once said, “A hundred years from my death the Bible will be a museum piece.” He confidently predicted that the Bible would vanish like a bubble and will be forgotten. That confidence of his was a grave mistake. In 1818, 40 years after Voltaire’s death,Continue reading “The Everlasting Word of God”

Baptism: Meaning, Mode, and Manner

Download the full sermon manuscript on Union Community Bible Church Website On March 28, 2021, I preached a sermon on the topic of Baptism. Specifically, this topic is aligned to our sermon series, Defined: Understanding our Identity. In the previous sermons, we tackled about the Christian identity as an image of God, marred by Sin,Continue reading “Baptism: Meaning, Mode, and Manner”

Ephesians Book Study

This bible study is a reading of Paul’s epistle for the churches in Ephesus in a descriptive and reflective approach. In some sense, a partial thematic approach will be presented depending on its essence in the passage. I was thinking about church young professionals, youth, and young adults as my audience. Please read the passageContinue reading “Ephesians Book Study”

Lesson 2: Divine Revelation

by John Paul Arceno | April 4, 2020 Since God revealed Himself, then the possibility to know Him is now open for humanity. Take note that it was God who initiated this revelation of Himself. Throughout history, God’s presence was felt. He works actively in our history. He is not just a Creator of theContinue reading “Lesson 2: Divine Revelation”

Lesson 1: Biblical Doctrines

by John Paul Arceno | March 27, 2020 The theme of this series is derived from John Calvin’s Institutes. “True and sound wisdom consists of two parts: knowledge of God and of ourselves.“[1] This is not to convert you to Calvinism or inject his teachings. Rather, this is to appreciate, one of the great ReformersContinue reading “Lesson 1: Biblical Doctrines”