Nexus Generation for Christ

This Digital Era is the generation that is most connected than ever before. The term ‘nexus’ means a central point of network or link; can be further explained as a series of connections. Through digital technology, today’s generation has the capability to be connected to one another 24/7. But how can we communicate the gospel to them?

Throughout the Bible—both in Old Testament and New Testament—God has been concerned about the next generation (NexGen). Our nexgen today is the nexus generation (NexusGen). What does God say about the nexgen? Since the formation of the nation of the Israelites, God would remind the grownups to teach diligently their children (nexgen) to love God, and shall talk of them when they sit in their houses, when they walk by the way, when they lie down, and when they rise up (Deut. 6:7).

Remember, even the Qoheleth reminded us to train the nexgen towards godliness, the right path to God; this is a wise saying (Prov. 22:6). This principle was recalled by Paul through his instruction to Titus. Paul commanded that the adults in the church ought to train the nexgen both young women and young men towards an upright Christian living (Titus 2:3-8). Finally, to make my point richer, Jesus called out the disciples for stopping the nexgen to come to him. He said, “Let the children come to me…for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these” (Matt. 19:13-15). Surely, Jesus wants the church to do likewise.

The nexgen is essential to the church—vice versa—the church is important to the nexgen. Our nexgen today is the NexusGen—socially connected digital generation. Like how it was in the past, the church needs to learn their language. Their cultural language is different from those who were born in the 1960s to 1980s. The gap between the nexusgen and boomers/ millennials is that the former are ‘digital natives’ while the latter are ‘digital immigrants’. The digital space—the cloud, the Internet—is now the network that the church needs to engage in to reach out to this nexusgen. This generation needs Christ.        

Biblically, it is God-glorifying, Christ-centered, and Spirit-driven for the church to pursue and engage the NexusGen. We do not want the world to disciple the nexgen with worldviews of secularism, postmodern thinking, and agnosticism. We have to “go” where they are and to “make disciples…teaching them to obey everything [Christ] have commanded” us (Matthew 29:19-20). NexusGen is for Christ!


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