Church Hybridity

Church Online is different from Online Church. The former is a transition of medium from on-site services to digital platforms while keeping the essence of the on-site programs. One example is broadcasting the live stream of a church service (prayer, praise and worship singing, sermon preaching, giving, etc) on YouTube, Facebook Live, or via Zoom.Continue reading “Church Hybridity”

Stop Church-Scrolling: Reminding the Local (Online) Church Too

The world transitioned to digitality in these past years. We Are Social reported that, in 2021, 60.1% around the world are online. This reality is also true for churches. Due to the pandemic, the church rapidly adopted live streaming, zoom meetings, and online worship service. Furthermore, a survey noted that 74% across all denominations optedContinue reading “Stop Church-Scrolling: Reminding the Local (Online) Church Too”