Life Begins in Discipleship

There’s this famous phrase, “Life begins at forty.” Why? It is a time in a person’s life where he or she has already accumulated enough wisdom, savings, and connections to live a flourishing, comforting life.

On the other side, there’s a fine line that a person may start experiencing their mid-life crisis. Trying to correct their mistakes in the past, or even planning to spend their remaining time purposefully. Both the silver lining and the latter direct to an existential living.

Sadly, this experience is not different for Christians. We tend to realize to live a godly life once we realize our time is near to end. Yet, the Psalmist calls us to “number our days” wisely (Ps. 90:12). Meaning, we need to start living purposefully for the glory of God.

I agree with the statement, “Life begins in discipleship.” Being a Christian does not stop at knowing the redemptive narrative of Christ, nor believing in Him. Our knowledge of God is not mere information, instead it is a direct encounter with God. It is an experiential knowledge of God.

Having that thought said, experiencing God leads us to revere him, obey his commands, and worship him. Truly, our salvation is by grace through faith. Yet, Christians are expected to live a sanctifying walk. It is both manifested in the internal and external witnesses of one’s life. The Spirit works in the hearts of individuals and gives them the ability to do keep God’s laws (Ezk. 36:26-27).

Our main call is to “come, and follow” Christ (Matt 4:19); it moves us in denying ourselves and take the cross (16:24) for His glory. Meaning, the Great Commission should be taken seriously by the followers of Christ, namely, Christians.

Take note that this is not instantaneous, nor abrupt transformation, but rather a life-long process. Moreover, to this point, we are not just called to be an “SSS” believer: saved, seated, satisfied, but rather to “go and make disciples…to all nations” (Matt 28:19-20).

Our purposeful living starts when we start to participate in the Great Commission. Other than this act, there we are just aimlessly living or trying to survive life.


Published by JP Arceno

A Mere Christian, no other religion, but Christian church, call me a Catholic Christian ~ Richard Baxter

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