[Book Review] Method of Christian Theology by Rhyne Putman

Putman, Rhyne R. The Method of Christian Theology: A Basic Introduction. Nashville, TN: B&H Academic, 2021. 336 pp. $17.79 <PDF Download> Theological Methodology is a significant subject for seminary, Bible school students, and even pastoral ministry. The work of Rhyne Putman supports this statement. His The Method of Christian Theology[1] aims to provide a primerContinue reading “[Book Review] Method of Christian Theology by Rhyne Putman”

The Essence of Small Group

The Great Commission calls us to “Go and make disciples… baptizing, and teaching all of them to obey everything I have commanded you,” Jesus said (Matt. 28:19-20). This imperative makes the followers of Christ realize that our life must be in accordance with discipleship. This idea of discipleship begins by surrendering our life to God—makingContinue reading “The Essence of Small Group”

Life Begins in Discipleship

There’s this famous phrase, “Life begins at forty.” Why? It is a time in a person’s life where he or she has already accumulated enough wisdom, savings, and connections to live a flourishing, comforting life. On the other side, there’s a fine line that a person may start experiencing their mid-life crisis. Trying to correctContinue reading “Life Begins in Discipleship”