Sinful Fear x Godly Fear

In the Bible, I think, Job experienced the most wounding trials a person can have. He lost both his family and all his wealth. Other than those things, he even suffered from a physical ailment to the point of almost dying. Yet, he exemplified a kind of “fear” that is godly. In almost the sameContinue reading “Sinful Fear x Godly Fear”

Made to Rest

Rest. Rest seems luxurious nowadays. During this pandemic season, anxiety, depression, and stress are rapidly creeping into our minds. Due to these inevitable emotions, most of us are experiencing: sleeplessness, exhaustion, and restlessness. Truly, we are in need of rest. But what does the Bible tells us about resting? Lay Pioneer Minister in the DioceseContinue reading “Made to Rest”

Webinar: Anxiety and Depression

Presented on January 23, 2020 via Zoom hosted by University Baptist Church, Philippines Excerpt: Anxiety and depression are emotions. According to Professor of Counseling Psychology at The Seattle School of Theology and Psychology, Dan Allender noted that emotions are the messengers of our body. He said, “Emotions are like messengers from the front lines ofContinue reading “Webinar: Anxiety and Depression”