Sinful Fear x Godly Fear

In the Bible, I think, Job experienced the most wounding trials a person can have. He lost both his family and all his wealth. Other than those things, he even suffered from a physical ailment to the point of almost dying. Yet, he exemplified a kind of “fear” that is godly. In almost the sameContinue reading “Sinful Fear x Godly Fear”

Fear x Obedience

The Qoheleth (teacher or preacher) of the book of Ecclesiastes concluded his wise sayings with these words: “Fear God and keep his commandments, for this is the duty of all mankind” (12:13). This “fear” in the Bible is seldomly equated to the love of God (read Psalm 145:19-20; Deut 6:1-5). Thus, “True fear of GodContinue reading “Fear x Obedience”