A Sermon on the Lord’s Prayer

Matthew 6:9-13; Luke 11:2-4Ptr. JP Arceno Sermon Notes: When we pray “the Lord’s Prayer” we participate in the gospel narrative. Praying in private: Thomas Manton said, “As Christ’s word is our rule, so his practice is our copy. This is the true religion, to imitate him whom we worship.”  Christ prayed alone (Mk. 1:35; Mt.Continue reading “A Sermon on the Lord’s Prayer”


For more Sermon Manuscripts visit UCBC Website, for live video records, UCBC Facebook. Bible Church International (July 26, 2020) in New Jersey Union Community Bible Church (January 3, 2021), NJ Union Community Bible Church (November 8, 2020) in NJ Pildera 2 SBC, Pasay and Faith in Christ Fellowship, Baguio (April 11, 2020) in the PhilippinesContinue reading “Sermons”